Easy. Fast. Clean.
an easier way of laying porcelain tiles

easy, fast
& clean

easy, fast & clean

give your interiors a facelift

a new floor made of beautiful, modern porcelain stoneware, ready for laying at any time, without any construction work or mess.

what is it?

a new raised floor made of Italcer porcelain stoneware for quick, easy renovations.

stick&stile is a trendy look, a vast choice of surfaces and sizes, quality, strength and durability. It’s also anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-pollution.


all the beauty and strength of porcelain stoneware
instant renovations, non-invasive and without
high-performing with underfloor heating and cooling
all the beauty and strength of porcelain stoneware
instant renovations, non-invasive and without demolition rénovation
high-performing with underfloor heating and cooling


quick, clean installation

requiring no demolition, extensive washing or long drying times; no need to set up a construction site.

no need to remove furniture

just put furniture aside temporarily while you install the flooring underneath it, without removing all the furniture from the room.

continue using the space during installation

can be installed in one area at a time, while you continue to use the rest of your home.

walk on it right away

the ceramic flooring is ready for use as soon as the stucco dries.

easy to remove and reuse

slabs can be repositioned during laying, removed to restore the previous flooring, and reused elsewhere.

resistant to wear, water and stains

porcelain stoneware is exceptionally strong and non-absorbent. It requires no protection even in high-traffic areas.

is ideal for..

is ideal


it’s easier and more affordable than ever to create your dream home, with modern, elegant, and practical spaces. You can continue living in your home during the renovations, so it’s appropriate even for temporary homes.


the perfect look, to make any retail space attractive and effective without interrupting business, permitting restoration of the previous flooring.


a new floor underlines the style and atmosphere of places of hospitality. Easy to install, remove and reuse, porcelain stoneware guarantees maximum hygiene and strength.

on the upper floors

stick&stile minimises the amount of equipment and materials you need to transport to the floor, reducing costs and inconvenience. No impact on common areas, no need to move out and remove furniture.

in historic city centres

the materials and equipment don’t require use of heavy-duty vehicles, permitting transport and installation in historic city centres and in hard-to-access buildings.

new floor in 4 steps

step 1

choose your product
choose the product you prefer among the vast selection of Italcer surfaces.

step 2

install the base layer
the surface must be clean and level. Check flatness and remove skirting board before starting work. apply base layer with the silver side facing upwards. join base layer with adhesive tape.

step 3

install ceramic
remove the film and install the ceramic surface using the suction cups, leaving 5mm around the perimeter. leave a space of at least 2mm between tiles for sealant.

step 4

seal the gaps
between tiles with a ready-to-use water-based mono-component polyurethane sealant. Remove excess sealant with a trowel. adapt the threshold of the room to the new floor height, if necessary.

technical information

you will need only a few widely available tools and materials.

insulating base layer

tile cutter


adhesive tape

suction cup




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